Whilst UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 has seen the Lionesses make history on the pitch, the biggest ever women’s football tournament has also provided a unique experience for our students to gain crucial work experience behind-the-scenes.

Here, we caught up with Morgan Whitcomb, a UCFB Etihad Campus BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing student, to learn more about his roles working at the WEURO2022 fixtures at Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium.

Tell us about your roles working at WEURO2022 and what they involved.

I worked two roles during WEURO2022, they were: Ticketing Coordinator and Youth Programme Volunteer. Firstly, my role as Ticketing Coordinator involved engaging with fans to ensure they had a memorable matchday experience. This experience led to many challenges, however these were overcome through the support of others and using my own initiative.

My primary role at the tournament was Youth Programme Volunteer. In this role, I was involved in the marketing operations of the event, ensuring the set-up was correct for the tournament’s sponsors to be advertised in a previously agreed format. In addition, I also helped assist the ball boys, flag bearers and mascots so that they knew their roles and positions for when the players walked out onto the pitch, ensuring it was picked up well by television cameras.

What was it like to experience such a major tournament from behind-the-scenes?

It was a privilege to see the work that goes into such events and to be able to communicate with organisers from UEFA to gain an insight into the type of roles that could be on offer after university. Having the opportunity to watch a few games wasn’t half bad either!

What did you take from your BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing degree into the role?

Loads! We recently completed an events-based module as part of the course which allowed me to gain some knowledge and an understanding surrounding the productions of events. However, seeing these processes and techniques in action was a surreal experience.

You also work in the media team at Chadderton FC, how have you found this role?

Working at Chadderton is an experience like no other. We have a really good group in the media team and both the welcome I’ve received from the club, and role itself, have allowed me to develop a new outlook on what goes on in terms of media operations at a football club. At first I wasn’t too sure if it was the right experience for me, but I gave it a shot and I’m really thankful to the club for giving me the opportunity. I’m looking forward to developing my skills consistently to help boost my future career.

What are your goals for the future?

Although football is a key focus at UCFB, I don’t want to limit myself to just one area. I would be open to being a part of events such as F1, football events in different countries such as Major League Soccer (MLS), working for a league or even for companies such as Sky / Optus. I’m also open to working in other sports such as rugby, basketball as I believe the skills I already have, and will continue to gain from UCFB, are transferrable and will allow me to kick off my career in the industry.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to study at UCFB?

If you have the desire to be involved and to learn an emerging industry, UCFB is the place for you. Roles are regularly advertised through the Employability team, and thanks to UCFB’s campus locations in Manchester and London, there are so many different sports clubs and agencies for you to reach out to. The main thing I would say is try not to limit yourself to only football. Try and experience other sports as your time spent working away from university will not only boost your CV, but it will also go a long way in helping you complete your degree.

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