Salford Red Devils were unable to pull off an unlikely end of season miracle at the Theatre of Dreams on Saturday, with St Helens claiming their seventh Super League title after a comfortable victory in the Grand Final.

Lewis Wiseman, who studies BA (Hons) Football Business & Media at UCFB Etihad Campus, was at Old Trafford on a placement with the Rugby Football League's Events Team, honing his skills at one of the biggest events in the UK sporting calendar. Here, Lewis shares the highlights from his unique experience...

On Saturday, we saw the pinnacle of the 2019 Super League season with the Grand Final taking place at Old Trafford. 64,102 people made their way to the famous stadium in Manchester to see St Helens beat Salford 23-6 in what was a thrilling encounter.

From an events perspective, the whole game and show was impressive, and for me personally it was a great experience to learn how big events like that unfold.

For me, the day began early as I arrived at 8am, but for the rest of the RFL events team, they had been planning and preparing for months in advance.

My first role of the day was to open the accreditation desk - this was where members of the media and production team could receive their matchday accreditation for the event.

I manned this desk for a couple of hours before moving on to my next job for the day, which was my favourite and the most enjoyable part of my role. I was asked to be a team liaison officer for the St Helens team which entailed communicating with the teams kit men and other staff in order to make sure the dressing room was ready for the team to arrive.

In my time doing this role I organised match programmes for the team, got the WiFi in the dressing room working and made sure the ice machine was stocked ready for the player's drinks.

The team arrived at 4pm and they were directed to their dressing rooms, once they arrived it was time to prepare for kick-off, which was scheduled for 6pm.

For the kick-off, my job was to make sure the two sets of mascots and ball boys were ready and waiting in the tunnel for the walkout with the players.

This all went smoothly and as expected all the kids were excited. I followed the walkout that the players did and for the kick-off, I was positioned pitchside.

For the rest of the night, my job was to organise the rings, medals and trophies into their correct positions for the post-game ceremony, once the ceremony was over I gave all the spare medals and rings to the team managers to give out to any injured players who didn’t play in the match.

Overall, I thought the day was an amazing experience for me to see how the events industry works on a large scale and taught me some insightful things for future jobs or placements I may do.