UCFB Wembley students were recently treated to an exclusive guest lecture and Q&A from the voice of British football, Martin Tyler. Students were delighted to gain an insight into the life of the man that was crowned ‘Commentator of the decade’ in 2007 and whose voice continues to be heard commentating around the globe today.

With a football commentary career spanning several decades, Tyler has worked for world-renowned sports broadcasting organisations including Sky Sports, Premier League Productions, ESPN, NBC and Australian television network SBS, to name just a few. An instant hit with UCFB students, he provided advice and knowledge on sports broadcasting and on the game he has loved for so many years.

Growing up, Tyler always loved football, playing in the Isthmian League where he now acts as First Team Coach for Hampton and Richmond Borough. While at university, he began writing match reports after each game, which pushed him into the direction of journalism. Upon graduation, he began working at publishing house Marshall Cavendish, before branching into television with ITV and eventually becoming a regular commentator.

Eventually moving to Sky Sports, Tyler has led Sky’s football commentary team ever since, spearheading the network’s coverage of the English Premier League. He also commentates for EA Sports’ flagship videogame, FIFA. His voice is now famous across the globe as a result of his success within the industry.

Martin Tyler’s experience is second to none and this certainly shone throughout the session at UCFB Wembley as he shared many inspiring stories in addition to some motivating advice, including:

“You don’t necessarily get the gift to be the best, but you can try the hardest. Knowing where you want to go in life is half the battle and if you really know what you want, you can work the hardest to get it.

“As far as commentating goes; watch the game. Don’t get wrapped up in the anticipation of what you think is going to happen and just watch the game and describe it. If you watch intently you will have plenty to talk about, without worrying about all the facts and figures that go with it.”

Tyler’s guest lecture and Q&A was perfectly complementary to the five-session Match Commentary masterclass currently being taught at UCFB by Sky Sports Reporter Peter Smith, with both guest lecture and the masterclass prime examples of the unique UCFB Complementary CurriculumTM on offer to students at the Wembley and Burnley campuses.

Visiting UCFB for the first time, Tyler described the facilities “wonderful”, stating that he could not wait to visit again and learn more about the institution.