University Campus of Football Business, the Global Institute of Sport and the Premier League recently joined forces to invite academy graduates to an open day to detail the many paths UCFB offers into all areas of the football and wider sports industry.

The open day, held at the Premier League’s offices in London, gave attendees details about UCFB’s offering; a world-class institution with elite education programmes tailored to the sports industry.

Whether the chosen area is sports media, sports coaching, sports business or anywhere else, UCFB offers both education and experience focused on that specific field.

This collaborative effort between UCFB and the Premier League highlights a mutual dedication to fostering tomorrow's leaders within the football community while championing diversity and inclusivity in the sport. 

The initiative is part of the Premier League’s commitment to providing support and pathways to players beyond the academy system, as part of their holistic development on and off the pitch.

The aim is to ensure Academy graduates, whether they become a professional footballer or pursue an alternative career path, are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen field.

UCFB provides quality education, immersing students into the sports industry with our array of industry-related undergraduate degree courses from Wembley and Manchester campuses. Courses can be studied full-time or part-time with distance options available too.

As well as the degree courses, UCFB students are offered opportunities for work experience alongside industry partners to gain vital skills and knowledge in the field, in addition to their education. UCFB has a proven track record of supporting athletes at any stage of their professional career, with flexible learning options available.

This is in addition to UCFB’s Global Institute of Sport, with campuses in Europe, North America and Oceania, which offers further postgraduate study in many areas of the sports industry.

During the open day, the academy graduates were also informed of the undergraduate scholarships on offer at UCFB.

This includes those scholarships offered to Premier League academy graduates who have departed their academy in the last three years.

David Rainford, Head of Education and Academy Player Care at the Premier League was very pleased with the open day held with UCFB and the calibre of academy players that attended.

He said: “The collaboration between the Premier League and UCFB exemplifies our joint dedication to empowering individuals pursuing a career in and out of football.

"By providing avenues for higher education, we're not only investing in the future of these talented individuals but also broadening their horizons to alternative pathways." 

Brendan Flood, Chairman and Founder of UCFB and GIS, said: “It was great to see so many academy players thinking about their education alongside their playing careers and beyond.

“Through this collaboration with the Premier League, UCFB can provide top-quality education to these academy graduates and allow them to pursue many relevant opportunities to remain within the industry they love.”

To find out more about each of UCFB’s sports industry-tailored undergraduate degree courses, click here.

You can also view the postgraduate courses available worldwide at the Global Institute of Sport by clicking here.