By Rebecca Hawksworth

Among UCFB’s many elite industry partners are the Rugby Football League, a place where graduates work and students can gain vital work experience.

Kait Ludwig, the club marketing and business operations manager for the governing body, was a recent visitor to UCFB Etihad Campus where she spoke to students as part of the Executive Guest Speaker Series. Her insightful talk covered topics from women in sport, to marketing and working abroad.

Also part of her talk was explaining the benefits of the partnership, and how UCFB and the Rugby Football League can help each other. Kait said: We have a really fantastic relationship with UCFB and for the last several months we’ve been working with them to house internships for some of the graduates or those currently studying. At any given point we can roll out different work opportunities in multiple different areas of the business.”

She added: “For us it’s great because we have some really eager and intellectual students coming in from UCFB who are really switched on and engaged. Equally for us we really feel we can tailor what it is that they do because we’ve got so many different parts of the sport that we are privileged enough to be able to work in.”

Kait herself attended a specialist sports institution in her native Australia, so knows the benefits of studying at a sport specific location. Explaining the benefits of a sport specific education, Kait said: “I think it’s fantastic that students have the opportunity to study at UCFB where what they’re learning is targeted specifically to the sports industry.

“It’s so common that you’ll see students that want to work in sport have to go to an institution where they’ll have to study business and economics. Whereas here I feel that because it is tailored specifically to sport and the networks that UCFB has with sporting organisations, not only ours but globally, it’s incomparable. It is really beneficial.”

Masters students at UCFB studying MSc International Sports Management have the opportunity to study a semester abroad at the Real Madrid Graduate School. Citing it as an example, Kait explained why she believed students shouldn’t pass up any opportunity to study abroad: “I think for students looking to study abroad the globalisation of sports and of different brands, the access to information and to networking opportunities and study opportunities abroad is now greater than it ever has been.

“I think for anybody who is considering doing it, I would definitely say do it. In this day and age, you can’t stay where you are and forgo an opportunity that could lead onto something that really makes you.”

The Rugby Football League is a partner of UCFB.