One of our alumni has been speaking to us about the future growth of the sports industry in the United States, and also what UCFB/GIS students can do to get into the industry.

Saad Wadia, founder and director of Fiber Sports Management, spoke to us about how important the global network at UCFB/GIS is, and how students must take advantage of it to give themselves the best chance of making it in the sports industry.

He said: “With GIS, what I was really impressed with was their network out in Melbourne, out in New York, out in Miami.

“And with our hub in the UK, Wembley Stadium, we have the systems in place and some of the best case studies to look at.

“The number one rule for me in football is when you’re starting off, 50 per cent is based on the environment you’re in. That’s going to determine where you end up in the industry.

“So you’re with the right people and in and around the main key cities, like Miami, Melbourne or New York.

“Being in the right environment is step number one. Step number two is seeing what stock you can take from here.

“So look, what can you add that’s of value in the United States. Or visa versa, what can you go out and get from there and bring back here.”

He added, speaking about the potential future of the sports market in the United States.

“The US market is about to explode in sports,” he said. “The growth there has been phenomenal.

“There’s a massive push in TV rights coming from Apple and Amazon, and they’re not just looking at sports, and not just football – they want to integrate live sporting events. Major League Cricket is about to take off in the US, we’ve got Formula 1 there.

“We’ve got the World Cup coming there. That’s a huge indicator of where these brands are looking at.

“These are some of the best practices, coming from the US.”

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