Over the last few years, the rapid growth of media coverage of sports has changed the way we view the industry.

One of the many things that has changed during this period is the role of a ‘sports journalist,’ or ‘sports reporter’ with sports journalism becoming the fastest growing sector in UK media.

With UCFB providing several undergraduate degrees aimed at the ever-growing world of sports media, there are many routes an aspiring sports journalist can go down.

With the role changing and developing amid the ‘digital revolution,’ modern sports journalists need a wide range of skills to stand out among the rest.

The role of a journalist has always been to tell the best story in the best way, whether that be in the sports industry, news industry, fashion industry or any industry out there.

Many prospective students at UCFB aim at becoming the sports reporter at their football club. However, even this simple path has developed hugely.

At a football club, stories could be told through social media, through broadcasting, through writing articles, through radio or television, and again a wide variety of ways.

Away from football clubs, most of the stories told have to be told elsewhere. What about a local or national newspaper, a radio station, a TV company.

These stories have to be told to the different audiences who go to their preferred source.

Modern sports journalists are required to reach out to the widest audience by having the ability to write the same story, but in different ways for different people.

UCFB’s Multimedia Sports Journalism course teaches students traditional print and modern broadcasting methods to best prepare them for any role in the wide and growing world of sports journalism.

Other courses, such as Football Business and Media and Sports Business and Sports Broadcasting, also prepare students for their preferred path into sports media.

Students learn a range of topics on the courses, including interviewing, commentary, freelancing, digital sports media, media law and ethics, PR, broadcast journalism and television production.

As the monster that is sports media continues to develop and grow at an accelerating pace, sports journalists must do the same to keep up.

UCFB’s undergraduate courses offer the best practice for the modern and hectic world which many aim to make a name for themselves in.

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