Call 03003735800 for advice or to apply

Be prepared

It’s a good idea to identify the institutions that you’re interested in applying to, have a look at their websites and find out what Clearing information is available to you in advance.

Make a note of the Clearing hotline number for any of the institutions you’d like to speak to and find out as much as you can about the programmes they’re offering.

Have some constructive questions ready to ask the admissions advisors for when you call. You might want to ask about open days and opportunities to visit so that you can take a look around. Asking questions will make you look enthusiastic and motivated – qualities that will impress the institutions you are contacting.

At UCFB we have a dedicated Clearing web page set up which includes a range of helpful tools and guidance which can be found here. Or you can call UCFB admissions on 0300 373 5800 or email

Keep your results day free

You should keep your results day and the following few days free as you may need to make important phone calls and decisions over this period.

Before you start ringing institutions, make sure you have your phone fully charged and that you have a pen, paper and internet access.

The day of A Level results is extremely busy for institutions and stressful for applicants, so be prepared for a busy day and remember to check your time-zone if you’re calling from overseas. UCFB will be open to assist you from 7am to 9pm UK time on the 16th August.

Take a deep breath…

Remember to take a deep breath and don’t rush into making any big decisions. You’re about to commit the next few years of your life to studying a subject in considerable depth. Make sure you think about the decision carefully and consider speaking to your family or supporters for advice about the decision.

Talking to your teachers, parents, or someone you know who’s already been through the results day process can really help in avoiding any last-minute panic on results day.

It will really help you to stay calm and be as proactive as possible. The Clearing process is designed to help you by being as straight forward as possible; you just need to call up the higher education institutions which interest you.

Remember to confirm your place!

Once you’ve selected a course and institution, you will need to work with their admissions team to confirm your place. You might need to log in to UCAS to select your course, complete an application form or send in certificates for qualifications.

Remember to keep a close eye on your emails during this time and if you need any help, you can call UCFB admissions on 0300 373 5800

Make the most of all the support out there

And finally, make sure you take advantage of all the help and support that is available to you throughout the Clearing process.

You can contact us via the UCFB Clearing hotline on 0300 373 5800 for advice and you can also reach us on Twitter as well as our online live chat.