UCFB’s course leader for BA (Hons) Sports Business and Sports Broadcasting has been talking about whether football, in the modern era, can be deemed ‘a television programme.’

Chris Cooper, who leads the degree course at our Manchester Campus, said that with modern broadcast deals and the control that TV companies have on the game, that it can be argued that football be called a television programme.

He said: “I think modern football is a television programme because it does what it says on the tin. It is football, it is on the TV.

“But also, the TV companies have such a big say in when games are played at elite level, in the Premier League and at Football League level.

“They also have a huge say in the types of competition they’re going to be showing and how they want to be showing them as well.”

He added: “It is very much entertainment, with the level of competition in there as well, it clearly is a TV programme.

“And with the increase in different technologies that are being used, particularly also with the kind of programmes that are being made supporting live football.

“This includes all the different kinds of documentaries that are coming out. They’re TV programmes about the football, so it’s becoming about more than just the 90 minutes.”

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