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By Alex Harrison, BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management student

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You’re now approaching the final step of your rollercoaster A-Level journey, and with it being just over a month until university starts these next few weeks will be very exciting, nervous and challenging. This final step I’m talking about, of course, is results day! Being in the exact same position as you guys a year ago, I’m here to give an insight into my results day experience, and to reassure you that it isn’t as scary as you think…

I was fortunate to be in a position where I had received an unconditional offer, which of course made the whole results day experience a lot easier for me. But despite this I was still nervous on the day as I had worked as hard as I could with revising for my exams, and so I didn’t want to have worked so hard only to receive less than what I wanted. On the way to pick up our results a friend and I were fairly confident that we’d done well, but as I was handed my envelope a flood of adrenaline built up within me. When you’ve been given your envelope, my advice would be to open it as soon as possible, and not delay doing it as this will only make the nerves build up even more!

Thankfully, I received the results I wanted. Of course, this had no bearing on whether I had made it to UCFB, but it was still really nice to see that my hard-work had paid dividends with good grades. It reinforced the hard-working attitude I had needed to adopt throughout my A-Level years. For some of my friends, they didn’t receive the results they wanted, and so were not in a position to go on to higher education. On reflection this wasn’t a big problem due to clearing being an option for them. By going through clearing, they were still able to go to university to study the course they wanted, or a very similar course.

After getting our results, speaking to teachers and seeing what our friends got, it was only right to go straight to the pub to celebrate with a few drinks. Despite it being quite early, it was results day which is always a good excuse! In the evening we had a results day party, where a large group of us either celebrated getting to uni or used it as a chance to drown our sorrows. Regardless of your results, there are always ways of getting to university, even if that means having to re-do a year of school or having to do a year at a local college.

I will finish this entry by saying good luck with your results, and if you don’t receive the results you want there are numerous ways of still going into higher education, such as clearing or re-doing a year, and I look forward to meeting some of you at UCFB next year!