Clearing is an opportunity for students to make sure they get a place on a degree programme that excites them at an institution that will help them achieve all of their goals. It is not limited to those who did not manage to obtain a place at their first choice institution.

Below, UCFB Wembley student and Norwegian national Richard Osei, who’s studying BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching, explains how he found the Clearing process.

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What circumstances led you to Clearing?

I hadn´t initially applied for any degree programmes to begin with, then a friend from the same area as me in Norway told me about UCFB and the great opportunities available for their students. The first time we had a proper conversation regarding me applying for UCFB was at the end of June 2018, then after that I had to discuss it with my family and sort a few things out. But pretty quickly I knew UCFB would suit my needs and help me on my way to reaching my goals in the sports industry.

How did you find out about the Clearing process at UCFB?

I found out about the Clearing process at UCFB through the website and online chat which directed me towards Vusala and Pedro in the recruitment team who helped me further. I was also told by my Norwegian friend at UCFB how the process worked, so it helped that I knew someone from before and it made me a bit more relaxed.

How supportive and helpful was the Clearing process at UCFB?

The Clearing process was very helpful and the UCFB staff stayed patient with me being a Norwegian student and having different grades to UK students. To start with I tried to do Clearing myself, but as a foreign student I found it a bit difficult, so it was then that Vusala and Pedro helped me further; they were understanding so that made me very comfortable. I then got the help to guide me in the right direction as to what needed to be done regarding what degree programme I wanted to join.

If someone has just found out about UCFB through Clearing and only has a few weeks to plan the move, what top tips would you give them?

My advice would be to visit a UCFB campus, whether independently or on an Open Day. In my case, I didn’t have the chance to visit an Open Day so I had to make a private arrangement where UCFB were very flexible and helpful. Something else I would recommend is to ask the staff at UCFB if they can connect you with some of the current student body so they can give you their experience and perspective.

How has your time at UCFB been so far?

My time at UCFB have been good so far, with hopefully more good years ahead of me! I’ve had the chance to meet nice, smart and interesting people from different places around the world, as well as high profile sports industry professionals and I’ve really been able to expand my network. I’ve also managed to make new friends for life. After just one year I have learnt a lot about the sports industry and how to connect with others who share similar ambitions and ideas.

If someone is offered a place at UCFB through Clearing and has to make a decision quickly, what would your advice be to them?

First of all remember to take a deep breath and don´t rush into any big decisions – you’re about to commit the next few years of your life to studying a subject, so make sure you think about your decision carefully. The Clearing process is designed to be as straight forward as possible.

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