One of our students has been talking to us about how gaining a scholarship helped her during her three years studying at UCFB.

Lucy Cross, a BA (Hons) Football Coaching and Talent Development student, has been on the She Can Coach scholarship while studying in Manchester.

Lucy spoke to us about how the scholarship helped her gain opportunities and experiences which have helped her become a better coach over the last three years.

During her time at UCFB, Lucy has gone to Spain for a footballing summit and got onto a FA Women’s Leadership Programme because of her scholarship.

She said: “The scholarship gave me £2,500 over the three years which could be used towards coaching supplies, travelling to events, representing the university.

“One of the experiences was to go to Sevilla for the World Football Summit. I got to experience industry speakers and a lot of women in sport.

“I got the chance to network with industry professionals in football in Seville. It was uncomfortable at first as I’d never networked before, but now it’s something I’m very comfortable doing.

“I’m grateful for the experience of the scholarship. It’s allowed me to connect with other students, across both the London and Manchester campuses.

“Some of my friends are at the London Campus, and I wouldn’t have met them if it hadn’t been for the scholarship.

“The staff have supported us and helped us apply for grants, to help us in our careers in the industry.

“I think anyone thinking of applying for a scholarship should just fill out the form and go for it.”

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