One of our coaching students has landed himself a new job, coaching children and young adults in the native Norway during the final year of his studies.

Torje Usland Dahl, a Third Year BA (Hons) Football Coaching and Management student at the Etihad Campus, is now coaching at ØHIL, working mainly with teenagers on the outskirts of Oslo.

Previously, during his time in England, Torje coached at Broughton Park FC, Pro Elite Soccer UK and the UCFB Etihad Campus 4th team.

Now, at ØHIL, he is the head coach of the U15-2 and the U16 sides, as well as working with the U13s and the club’s academy.

Torje said: “I’m very happy to have this new job. The offer presented itself and I like the prospect of coaching multiple teams at one time.

“In my final year at UCFB, I wanted to get out more and coach many different teams at the same time, which I did before this job offer came up.”


Torje’s first year at UCFB was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, but that didn’t put a dampener on his studies overall.

He added: “The second year, after Covid, was much more practical, and I grew a lot as a coach, particularly in my confidence, coaching in English.

“I am very happy I chose to join UCFB. If I could go back, I would not change my decision.”

Torje wishes to gain even more experience while back in Norway, and wants to one day progress to coaching at an elite level.

He finished: “If you want to get involved in coaching, don’t be afraid. Be humble as well.

“Try and find someone with more experience, be with people that are hardworking and experienced, surround yourself with those people.”

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