A UCFB lecturer has been talking about how vital media revenue is for football clubs at all levels and in all countries of world football.

Dr Christopher Shoop-Worrall, course leader for BA (Hons) Football Business and Media at our Manchester Campus, spoke about how important media, and the money it generates, is in the football industry.

He said that in football, all clubs and organisations, whether it be international, national or local, rely on media revenue in the modern world.

He said: “Media revenue is absolutely fundamental across the English, and indeed worldwide, football pyramid.”

He went on to speak about how media revenue was essential in many lower-league and non-league clubs surviving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It isn’t just the example of the Premier League with its multiple billions of revenue,” he added.

“It’s looking at, for example, what happened during the horrible era of Covid-19, with many institutions facing financial ruin because of that huge threat to their revenue stream.

“Yet many of them were actually able to survive exactly because of revenue generated by media, which is the one thing that carried on.

“So overall, media revenue in football is absolutely fundamental.”

Learning about media revenue is an integral part of the BA (Hons) Football Business and Media undergraduate course degree at UCFB, both in Manchester and at our Wembley Campus.

There are other football media-related degree courses on offer at UCFB, such as BA (Hons) Multimedia Sports Journalism and BA (Hons) Sports Business and Sports Broadcasting.

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