One of UCFB’s programme leaders has been speaking about how vital a role a coach can play in a young person’s life.

Neil Scott, our programme leader for Football Coaching and Talent Development (link) said that being a football coach can play a huge part in another person’s life.

Neil has been coaching football for more than two decades, and has coached players with different abilities, backgrounds and motivations to learning how to play the game.

He has also coached from category one academy players all the way down to children who have just kicked a ball for the very first time.

Neil said: “I think the role of the coach, regardless of the ability level or age of the players they are working with, is to ensure they either fall in love or continue to love the game.  

“Creating an environment based on ‘fun’ and one that is engaging (which will look different based on the age and the context of the group) can only be of benefit to the player.  

“Whether they are more talented or considered to be ‘elite,’ or they are playing with their friends, everyone plays the game out of love, and it is the duty of the coach to foster an environment to promote this for every player, focusing on the positives and being enthusiastic.

Neil Scott, programme leader for Football Coaching and Talent Development

“This will enable every player to continue to develop and succeed, whether it is to complete in the Premier League in front of millions of fans, or to maintain a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and socially.”

UCFB offers other undergraduate football coaching degrees, including Football Coaching and Management, Physical Education and Sports Coaching Science.

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