Students at UCFB Etihad Campus were recently treated to a visit from multiple inspirational people from the sports industry, who attended one of our conferences.

The guests included a panel of three people who have fought for equality, diversity and inclusivity in the football industry.

The panel included:

  • Azeem Amir – England blind footballer
  • Dev Trehan – football journalist at Sky Sports News
  • Millie Chandarana – Blackburn Rovers LFC footballer

As part of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Conference, the panel spoke about their challenges and the potential future of sport.

They spoke about challenges based on sex and race, as well as other factors including disabilities.

The panel went on to speak about how this has developed over time, and what it was like to tell their stories to the students.

Dev Trehan said: “It’s an honour, a privilege to speak to students. They are the future of the industry, so to have the opportunity to share my story, an absolute joy.”

Azeem Amir said: “It’s great to share lived experiences with people who may have never interacted with people from certain backgrounds or challenges, and for them to be able to hear them stories.”

Millie Chandarana said: “Sport is for everyone. Being a woman in football, you can do it as a career now, and it’s something that girls and women can aspire to – not just as footballer, but within football.”

Students were also greeted to a talk from Alistair Magowan, head of communications at Kick It Out.

“At Kick It Out, one of our founding principles is to tackle discrimination in football, but also to champion success and raise the profiles of people who we think are role models within the sport.”

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