The growth of ESports over the last few years has seen the online gaming industry grow into a multi-billion-pound business.

Just as the sports industry continues to grow domestically and worldwide, offering many illustrious and promising careers, the ESports industry has begun to follow suit.

Many careers are similar in both industries; from agents to referees and professional players to commentators, ESports is bringing in talented young professionals from all directions.

Similar to traditional sports, the importance of coaching cannot be undervalued in ESports.

A spokesperson from British ESports said: “There are several coaching roles which include head coach, draft coach, strategic coach and sports psychologist.

“It is very common for one coach to do multiple roles within a team based on the large variation of coaching structures within esports teams. These roles can differ greatly depending on the team you’re in.”

Furthermore, as the industry continues to grow, the more need for media and communications, with professionals dedicating their careers to social media, public relations and broadcasting ESports to the millions worldwide who tune in.

The British ESports spokesperson added: “ESports journalists may be required to write news stories, features, analysis articles, opinion pieces and match reports, as well as interview players and other people in the industry.

“Live production work can take place either from an ESports studio’s own dedicated facilities, or remote stages and stadiums across the world.

“An ESport studio’s dedicated facility might feature various permanent stages or studio sets, as well as custom-built ‘broadcast galleries’, where the production crew work to create the live broadcast.”

The business side of ESports is on the same path, with professionals working in sales, marketing, sponsorship and everything in between.

The industry also shows no sign of stopping, with the number of people working in ESports growing year on year. Numbers also continue to grow in terms of participants, viewers and revenue.

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