UCFB is delighted to announce that numerous undergraduate scholarships are now open to help guide multiple students on their university journey.

The scholarships have a wide variety promoting UCFB’s aim to help diversify the sports industry through equal opportunities.

The scholarships, which are now open on the UCFB website, are:

UCFB Inclusivity in Coaching Programme

The UCFB Inclusivity in Coaching Programme offers students individual learning support to gain bespoke experience in the football and sports industry, including coaching, working with teams and sports development depending on the student’s interests. This includes the following scholarships: 

  • UCFB She Can Coach Scholarship
  • UCFB Access to Coaching Scholarship

Employability and Career Enhancement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to three students from under-represented demographics in football and sport who can demonstrate that their choice of a UCFB degree will benefit them in their career ambitions.

Each of these scholarships is an award in the value of £2,000.

Social Mobility and Inclusion Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to one student to increase representation of people from a diverse range of backgrounds in the football and sports industry and encourage an environment where everyone can achieve a sense of belonging and pursue their goals.

The Social Mobility and Inclusion Scholarship is an award in the value of up to £1,500. 

UCFB South Asians in Football Scholarship

This scholarship is the first of its kind, as UCFB and aims to promote and support the growth of British South Asians in football.

The Scholarship aims to directly tackle the lack of participation in sports for British South Asians. The scholarship award total is £1,000. 

Elite Athlete Scholarship

This scholarship allows the successful applicant to gain skills, knowledge and experience within the sports industry through working with teams and receiving work placement opportunities alongside their studies.

UCFB Women in Sport Scholarship

This scholarship is open to two outstanding female applicants who are eager to develop a career in the sports industry.

Candidates should have an interest in football and the wider sport industry, the ability to set clear goals and have the drive to achieve them. The scholarship will be an award of £1,000.

UCFB’s access and widening participation manager, TJ Katsidzira said: “UCFB's scholarships programmes and access and participation projects provide students with mentoring, opportunities to build confidence and specific skillsets so that they can participate in the sports industry as equals and feel empowered to achieve everything that is within their capabilities and more.” 

To apply for any of these scholarships, visit our scholarships and bursaries page to find out more.

For any queries or assistance throughout the application process, please reach out to our dedicated scholarship team at scholarships@ucfb.com. 

To find out more about UCFB’s wide array of undergraduate degree courses tailored to the sports industry, click here.