The UCFB Etihad Campus Athletic Union enables students to participate in a range of sports including football, golf, futsal and darts in both a competitive and recreational context.

Through various clubs and events, the Athletic Union also provides students with a great opportunity to make friends, support charities and integrate with the local community.

UCFB Etihad Campus, Athletic Union teams


The UCFB Etihad Campus darts team was formed in 2017 and competes in the North Universities Darts League (NUDL), West Division 1.

There are plans to introduce a second team in the league in the near future. The team has also had students represent the institution individually in singles tournaments as well as combining both campuses’ darts teams for the Big Weekender.


The UCFB Etihad Campus futsal team won the 2018/19 BUCS Northern 4A league and have been promoted. They will now compete in 3A for the 19/20 BUCS season.

The team is continuously growing and becoming more competitive, and is coached by UCFB students.

Training takes place on Thursday 5-7pm at the National Cycling Centre.


UCFB golf had their inaugural season in 2017/2018 in the BUCS Northern 3A league and continue to grow and compete within the division.

Members joining the team also have the advantage of being able to access Withington Golf Club during term time with an exclusive membership fee of £100.

Men's Football

The UCFB Etihad Campus men’s football teams have over 50 students representing UCFB in BUCS.

Training sessions take place every Monday and Tuesday, put on by UCFB coaching students, with fixtures taking place on a Wednesday. Students pay an annual membership fee which contributes towards the cost of facilities, travel, equipment, affiliation and match day officials.

Women's Football

The UCFB Women’s 1st team won their 2019 Northern 3A BUCS league with a game to spare.

The team train on Monday and Tuesday, led by a brilliant coaching team of students, with matches on Wednesdays. They also have the best student media following of any of our teams with all games being reported on live with match reports to follow and filmed followed by highlights on social media.


New for 2019/20 due to student demand! The tennis team will compete in BUCS Northern 4A after having a couple of years as a recreational club.

Training takes place on Tuesday mornings 9:30-11, matches on Wednesday at The Northern.

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Athletic Union activities

Sports Day

Designed to introduce new students to each other and to the SU committee members, the event highlights some of the sporting activities that can be enjoyed during a student’s time at UCFB.

Intramural Sports

Throughout the two academic semesters, 6-a-side Football is run to provide more opportunities to students at UCFB, especially those that miss out on the BUCS teams or prefer the more social side of the game. Games are advertised through the Student Experience social media accounts and the UCFB Online Hub.

Running Club

The Running Club is designed to improve healthy living and keep students active outside of their studies. This year the club is being run by a student, providing training for a 5K for beginners. They are aiming to run the Manchester MoRun in November. These sessions are promoted via the Student Experience social media accounts and the UCFB Online Hub.

Get involved


Students who wish to participate in individual sport activities are also encouraged to compete and will be supported by UCFB to enter competitions throughout their time here.


Trials are Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September starting at 9am and Wednesday 25th September starting at 12pm, all at Belle Vue.

Please attend Fresher’s Fair on Wednesday 18th September for full trial slot information and to sign up to a specific trial slot.


Thursday 26th 5-7pm at the National Cycling Centre (Velodrome).

Please attend Fresher’s Fair for more information and to put your name down.


Tuesday 24th 9:30-11am at the Northern.

Please attend Fresher’s Fair for more information and to put your name down.


Please attend Fresher’s Fair to put your name down and to get more information, but no specific date has been agreed for trials as yet.


For any enquires regarding the UCFB Etihad Campus Athletic Union please email or contact us.

Follow the UCFB Etihad Campus Student Experience on social media @ucfb_ec_se.

Be part of UCFB's Sporting Community
Want to represent UCFB competitively?

All our sport teams can be signed up for at Fresher’s Fair. If you cannot attend, email your Sport Coordinator at the earliest opportunity. We also cater for individual athletes to represent UCFB in any BUCS event and some external events. Again, speak to your Sport Coordinator about getting involved.

Want to become a Sports Coach?

Our Athletic Unions have many different sports teams that you can get involved in and gain experience through. Whether this is short or long term, the AU can provide you with this educational experience.

Want to be part of the Match Day Media team?

We are on the lookout for students to follow each of our sport teams to fulfil a range of media roles including videographer, photographer, reporter and commentator. This is to promote our sport teams, whilst providing you with vital work experience opportunities.

Want to create a new team or society?

We are constantly expanding our sport offering and encourage all students to come forward with new suggestions. Our Athletic Union’s will support in creating new teams or societies. No idea is a bad idea! With your help UCFB can expand and compete in many more BUCS competitions, moving UCFB up and up in the ranks!

Want to help support charity events?

UCFB run many different charity events during both semesters. Supporting many main and local charities to increase the awareness and raising as much as we can to help those that need it the most. 

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