The Football League was the level of football where one of our students gained experience during his final year of studying, working as a marketing co-ordinator intern at Wycombe Wanderers.

Lewis Clark, a BA (Hons) Football Business and Marketing student, was involved in ticketing, commercial and advertising, as well as many other aspects and departments of the League One club.

Lewis said he was determined to spend his third year at UCFB Wembley doing a season-long internship at an EFL club, and it was a goal he achieved by the first game of the season.

He said: “I researched many clubs in and around Wembley and found that there was no specific person within Wycombe’s marketing team. So I then reached out to the media and marketing manager, Matt Cecil.

“My primary role was operating and creating graphics for our big screen. This included ticketing and retail promotions, mascot/birthday messages as well as engaging adverts for our commercial partners.

“Additionally, during the week I helped with idea generation and creating campaigns for our marketing efforts throughout the club.”


Lewis went on to speak about how his degree at UCFB helped succeed in the role.

He said: “Our modules have been related to real-world scenarios where we would write reports, essays and produce presentations on sporting organisations’ marketing campaigns/business operations.

“I found the skills used in producing this work have been utilised within my role at Wycombe, such as, graphic design, conducting research and designing social media posts, to name a few.

“I think a key component of this specific university is that it really can help set you up as students transition from university to the working world.

“Yet the caveat of this is you must be willing to go outside your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities!”

He finished: “I will look back on my time at Wycombe Wanderers very fondly as I’ve had some great experiences and learnt a lot but have also met some fantastic people whilst being there.

“Take all the opportunities presented to you, if you feel out of your comfort zone it is most likely going to be beneficial and you’ll end up enjoying yourself.

“I would say if you thinking of reaching out to someone, why not, they may just be the person who’s willing to take a chance on you.

“As cliché as it is, this quote remains true – ‘You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take.’”

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