One of UCFB’s alumni, who is now working for BT Sport, has been speaking to us about his experience watching West Ham United win the UEFA Europa Conference League in Prague.

Mike Day, an assistant producer at BT Sport, who studied BA (Hons) Sports Business and Sports Broadcasting at our Wembley Campus, went to Prague to cover the final between West Ham and Fiorentina.

When asked about his role, Mike said: “BT is going well, I learnt lots while at UCFB but nothing compares to working in the industry. I’ve had lots of great opportunities already and I am exited for the future.

“It’s been a slightly strange time joining a company with the Warner Bros merger, but hopefully I will have the chance to work on some even bigger events in the next few years.”

He added about the trip to Czechia: “Prague was crazy, there was so many Hammers out there and everyone was in good spirits. Had both sets of fans singing and dancing along together in the town centre and a great city to host a final in.

“The game itself was incredible, there was a very tense atmosphere from around the 80th minute but when Bowen scored it was both relief and pure emotion from all the West Ham fans in attendance.

“Lots of people crying in the stands and every time I watch the footage back I still get goosebumps.”

Mike at the Fortuna Arena, Prague before the match

Mike added: “I enjoyed my time at UCFB and have met some amazing people while I was there. Lots of people have helped me start my career and I wish them all well in the future.

He went on to speak about how much his placement at Boreham Wood FC helped him on his way: “I had the opportunity to work out both what I did and what I didn’t want to do going forward and that helped me when it came to applying for jobs.

“My advice for young people wanting to work in sport would be to try and get work anywhere you can.

“Most people will have a degree and a base knowledge of the industry, but experience is the thing that sets you apart from anyone else and also gives the opportunity to meet employers and show off your skills. Once you’ve got a foot in the door, you can go anywhere.”

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