Since the start of February I have been working as an intern in the media department of Burnley Football Club.

My role involves working in the office during the week and writing football related articles, mainly stories for the website and match day programme. This includes interviewing managers, players, executives – some of which to camera. I also work on all home match days and travel to some of the away games where I write live match reports and post-match reaction pieces for the website.

On Saturday I was in the Press Room during post-match press conference with Nigel Pearson, Leicester City’s Manager, and I was given an opportunity to ask him about Leicester City defender Marcin Wasilewski. Marcin is a Polish defender with 60 international caps for the Polish national team; being Polish myself I have personal interest in his development.

I asked Pearson;  “How important is Marcin Wasilewski and what has he added to the team since signing for the club back in September?”

The response was:

“Centre backs that enjoy defending are a dying breed. He has come through alot in terms of his injuries. He’s an exceptionally honest professional who knows the game and he’s tough. I’ll be looking to extend his contract regardless s of what league we are in next season – He brings a level of performance and knowledge to the team which is indispensable.”

The local press, the Leicester Mercury, picked the quotes, and my question made a few headlines in the post-match reaction pieces. It was great to be acknowledged in the press for my question.

The experience has been unbelievable and through my placement I have also been able to contribute to matchday programmes for the games against Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Doncaster Rovers. I am currently writing a submission for the next few matches.


Wojciech Falenta