UCFB is delighted to announce that it will host an upcoming UEFA B Licence coaching course alongside the London Football Association.

Taking place at Hendon FC, where coaching sessions are also held for UCFB Wembley students, the programme will be led by UCFB academic Darren Smith, himself a UEFA A Licence holder.

The partnership between UCFB and the London FA will enable UCFB students to act as players on the course. Students’ participation in the programme will enable them to learn key coaching skills ‘off-diary’ from other qualified UEFA and Football Association coaches, which in-turn will expand their knowledge going forward in their coaching journey. Participation will also aid students’ knowledge should they wish to undertake the UEFA B course themselves in the future.

The UEFA B Licence is level three of five on the coaching pyramid. Where level one and two enables coaches to partake their knowledge at community and county FA levels, level three enables those with the qualification to coach at academy standard.

UCFB students on coaching degree programmes have the opportunity to earn their FA Level 1 and 2 badges.