A UCFB alumnus and former student ambassador has spoken about the great networking opportunities provided during his three years of studying.

Antonio Scicchitano, a Physical Education graduate, is now a goalkeeping coach with Queens Park Rangers, as well as being a disability coach with Brentford.

Looking back on his time at UCFB, he said: “UCFB represents the elite of undergraduate courses in England. If you are part of the elite, you must be the elite yourself.

“That's why I worked hard to get the best GOLD medal with a First Class with Honours in Physical Education and the Program Award 2022.

“At UCFB, the entire university was focused on celebrating our successes with great attention to detail and impeccable organisation.”

As well as his roles at the West London-based football clubs, Antonio is juggling this alongside his Postgraduate Certificate in Education, getting his QTS (qualified teacher status).

He added: “Overall, I'm busy about 73 hours a week, so I haven't had a chance to go back to UCFB for a chat yet, but I hope to in the future.”

Antonio went on to say that one of his favourite things about UCFB was the networking opportunities available to him.

He said about networking during his studies: “UCFB is the best example of the importance of the network.

“Building relationships with lecturers, managers and personalities from the sports world has a simple consequence: the doors in the sports business will open more frequently, creating fundamental links for our sports industry career.”

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