By Rebecca Hawksworth

Having worked her way up to club marketing and business operations manager at the Rugby Football League, Kait Ludwig offered female students at UCFB invaluable advice on how to be a success in the sports industry.

On a recent visit to UCFB Etihad Campus to take part in an Executive Guest Speaker Series talk, Kait gave her thoughts on how the industry is being shaped ever more by the roles females are playing at top organisations.

She said: “I think that back in the 90s and the late 80s it wasn’t as prominent for women to work in sport. Now that they are we’re seeing a lot more women at the top of organisations which allows for not only inspiration and motivation for females entering studying sport, but there’s the pathway that it has been done by somebody before so it’s definitely achievable.

“The fact that we’ve now had women do it before and be successful for a number of years, it’s great to see and it’s going to continue going forward.”

Kait went on to speak about how she sees the future of the sports industry being shaped and specifically the female roles within that. She added: “I think now that there is a greater investment in women and the sports that they play as well. Where one team succeeds in one area, it may be that the staff in another organisation benefit because globally, as an industry, we are starting to see that there is an importance and significance for females in sport.”

Kait finished by saying that being educated in sport can only help increase the numbers of people working in the sports industry, not just women. She said: “I think now is probably one of the best times to study sport and to get into the sports industry. I think as long as you know your subject matter and you can prove that you’ve got the skills behind it then equally you’ve got just as much chance as getting to the bigger rolls and anybody else would.”

The Rugby Football League is a partner of UCFB.