UCFB students from across post and undergraduate degrees are working together on a unique project to help develop C&K Basildon Ladies FC after a period of turmoil at the club. The students are helping to usher in a new beginning in Sub-Committee board roles that include, CEO, Sponsorship and Marketing leads, Social Media lead, UK Liaison & International Development Officers, Law, Assistant Club Secretary and Assistant Technical Director. We spoke with Georgina Slawinski, BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching at UCFB Wembley – and CEO on the C&K Basildon project, about her role and the exciting new era at the club…

Hi Georgina. Congratulations on your new role at C&K Basildon Ladies. Can you tell us about the project and what your role as CEO will entail?

Thank you for inviting me to speak about this amazing opportunity. With C&K Basildon Ladies being one of the best women’s teams to be produced in the Essex region alongside a wealth of history and achievements in the women’s game, I am honoured to be involved as their Sub-Committee CEO. Unfortunately, in recent times, the club has faced turmoil but with this in mind, I am keen to make a positive difference in my role, to enhance and support both on and off field developments so we can operate professionally and competitively in each department, with students across various UCFB courses bringing a range of skills to each given role.

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UCFB students across various courses are bringing a range of skills to the board at C&K Basildon Ladies

I will support each department in my role, ranging to a Sponsorship and Marketing team, a Social Media team, UK liaison and International Development Officers, Law representatives, an assistant club secretary and an Assistant Technical Director. Ultimately, with the long-term vision of being a WSL 1 League Team.

So, with the World Cup taking place in France in the summer and The FA’s Gameplan for Growth strategy aiming to double female participation in football by 2020, this year is crucial for women’s football.

Certainly, it’s great to see the rise and growth of Women’s football and I am very much looking forward to watching various matches alongside observing the promotion/build up to the World Cup this summer. Together with, the growing support from the English Football Association, to increase female participation in the game, it’s positively an exciting year for women’s football and promisingly, it’s endlessly improving.

As an avid sportswoman, I’m so passionate about inclusion and participation in sport across all ages as it’s a great way to improve mental and physical health, socialise, de-stress, develop as an individual, enhance team skills, the list is endless. So, seeing campaigns to inspire women to participate in a sports team/activity such as; ‘This Girl Can’ and ‘The FA’s Game plan’ is genuinely so encouraging. Especially, as I want to further my career as a woman in football.

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Georgina recently worked with The Football Association as a Team Liaison Officer at an under-17s international friendly tournament

Previously, I have worked as a multi-skills coach and currently as a football coach, so, I have seen first-hand the impact sport can have, especially from a social and psychological perspective but also, from a physical development angle. So, the more participant levels grow and the more we use the influence of football to promote participation, equality and inclusion the better, in my opinion.

What else can be done to effect change in this area?

To support our previous discussions, I am so passionate about the campaigns out there to promote participation for women’s football but also, those that raise awareness of inclusion, equality and the stance against racism, homophobia and discrimination. We are stronger as one and this powerful message can be forever promoted and reinforced, right the way up from grassroots football through to professional level.

As a BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching student at UCFB Wembley, how important is grassroots football to the game and what more can be done to help it thrive?

To add, I am enthusiastic about grassroots football because it’s where the love of football/sport can ultimately begin and evolve. However, in this area of the game, I firmly believe the importance of encouraging a development-based approach over a results-based focus, as ultimately grassroots level football/sport should be fun and enjoyable, particularly to ensure a continuing involvement, throughout childhood to adulthood. Whilst guiding the developing of a player both on and off the pitch. It’s been a pleasure talking with you, thank you for allowing me to share my experiences and thoughts.

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