James Sandford joined insurance firm AON in 2014, midway through his BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance programme.

His current role as a placing broker in the sports, recreation and entertainment team, sees him look after personal accident and illness insurance for over 600 footballers around the world, including members of the England squad, as well as athletes from other sports.

James’ daily routine sees him constantly look at the risk athletes face in their line of work and what needs protecting, and the types of insurance available should they endure a career-ending injury. He’s also been involved in some major transfers in the UK and around Europe… but client confidentiality means he can’t tell us who!

The vital work experience James gained at the firm during his studies put him in a great position for employment post-graduation.

He says: “For someone who is a massive football and sports fan this jobs works really well. I get up in the morning and all I do is sport. For me it’s absolutely ideal – from a financial point of view it doesn’t pay too badly, and the day to day running of the job for me is very good as it’s very personal and I get to speak to a lot of people.”

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