One month after graduating from UCFB’s BA (Hons) Football Business & Media programme, Morgan Fairhurst landed a role as Supporter Engagement Executive at Wigan Athletic FC. Putting what he’s learnt in his degree into practice, Morgan shares how he plans to build relationships with fans and how his time at UCFB Etihad Campus prepared him for doing so…

Tell us about your role at Wigan Athletic FC and how you landed it.

I’m currently working for the Supporter Engagement Team at Wigan Athletic. We focus on trying to pushing the #BELIEVE Fans Fund campaign. This allows supporters to invest in three elements in the club – the first team, the academy and the sports science side of the club.

What have been some of your favourite moments so far?

Learning so much - it’s been great working in and around a football club and making connections with new people!

In what ways has your BA (Hons) Football Business & Media degree helped you in your new role?

My degree has helped me to understand how a football club is run. The degree has allowed me to walk into the club already feeling as if I have experience of working in a football club. It has allowed me to feel confident in my abilities as it gave me the foundation for understanding how the football business side of the club works.

How do you plan on increasing supporter engagement after a year of empty stadiums?

We feel like building relationships with our season ticket holders is very important. Improving the community element of the club is also something we feel is important; the believe campaign has plenty of benefits aimed at bringing the supporters together and striving to make them understand how important they are to the club.

Did you gain any relevant work experience while studying for your degree? How important do you think it is to do this?

I gained work experience at Longridge Town FC working for the media department. This was definitely essential to understanding how a football club works. Coming from a grassroots club to a League One side with history is definitely a change, but getting that experience at smaller clubs is something that is definitely essential for understanding how the club is run and how everything works. I think getting relevant experience is very important.

How did you find your time at UCFB?

I enjoyed my time at UCFB! Without them I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now and I have learned so much throughout my three years and made connections that I hope will last a lifetime.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to study at UCFB?

Bite the bullet and go for it. If you love football and sport and you want a career focused in the sport industry, there’s no better place to be.