If you’ve been following the World Cup on TikTok, chances are you may have come across BA (Hons) Football Business and Media student, Rob Dawley, who has been documenting the World Cup on his social channels.

Rob has been posting his experience on the platform, giving real-time updates about what’s happening in Qatar from a fan’s perspective. He has been sharing videos of his experience at different venues and locations around Doha, along with some great behind the scenes access to exclusive events that are happening only during the tournament. 

His unique perspective has really captured people’s attention from around the globe. He has attracted millions of views on his channel and gained attention from a range of media outlets. 

Rob was in Qatar for England’s games against Iran and USA, and also managed to squeeze in Croatia vs Morocco as a neutral fan.

@dawleycb5 I found an abandoned apartment in Qatar👀 Ever wondered what it was like living in Qatar as a migrant worker☝️ #fyp #worldcup #qatar #doha #abandonedplaces ♬ original sound - Rob Dawley

“My highlight was definitely the national anthem for the first England game. Goosebumps!” Said Rob.

“I've always done a lot of presenting on my Snapchat. Having visited 23 countries in 21 years I've amassed many stories and I knew the content I could offer while in Qatar was content that would not be seen anywhere else.”

When asked about his time in the middle east, Rob said: “GO TO QATAR. The people were so hospitable and it’s the safest I've ever felt abroad. (take plenty of cash though, ha). I want to encourage people to travel and see the world. Getting out your comfort zone at a young age shapes you as a person and the way you look at the world.”

You can follow Rob on TikTok here.