The 2019 FA Cup Final sees newly crowned Premier League champions Manchester City take on Watford FC at Wembley on Saturday afternoon with the Hornets looking to register a historic upset to claim their first major trophy. We spoke to BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing graduate Amy O’Connor about her role as Business Development Executive at Watford, what the impressive cup run means to the club and to get her prediction on tomorrow’s game…

Hi Amy. Thanks for speaking with us. Watford will be taking part in their second major final on Saturday. Tell us what it means for the club. How has the atmosphere been around the staff? 

Making the final of The FA Cup is a fantastic achievement, added to what has already been an unforgettable season. There has always been a strong family feel around the club but this season there has been an extra buzz in the office and the final just adds to that – a cup run such as this brings real togetherness!

As a BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing graduate, tell us about the impact that getting to a final, or even winning a trophy like the historic FA Cup, can have on the club? What sort of business and marketing implications and opportunities can it create? 

I have moved away from the marketing side of the business since joining Watford, now being a part of the Commercial team. However, an FA Cup run and final still involves this department. I was lucky to be the contact for the quarter-final against Crystal Palace, here at Vicarage Road, where we have to ensure we fulfil FA obligations in terms of branding etc.

Amy started her role as Business Development Executive at Watford after graduating from UCFB in May 2017

For the fixtures at Wembley we liaise with corporate clients to assist with their matchday experiences and as I look after club partners/sponsors, I liaise with personnel at Wembley too. Making the final also puts Watford’s name “out there” and makes people sit up and take notice more, which is not only a great thing for the club but also our sponsors and partners as this heightens awareness of our associations and provides additional media coverage. As a result of the semi-final we also had more sponsorship proposals to create, due to the heightened interest in the club.

The semi-final win against Wolves at Wembley was a real classic and will go down in FA Cup folklore. How important was that win for the club and why is it important to be involved in matches like that?

Obviously that win is what got us to the final but it showed to a wider audience the character that has been typical of the team this season. It was a real rollercoaster of emotions that day and when working for a club you can’t help but get wrapped up in the goings on and want the best for everyone involved. To be able to win a semi-final at Wembley is a historic moment, but to do it in that fashion was what made it even more epic.

City will be heavy favourites but what is your prediction for the game? With the magic of the FA Cup anything is possible…

I think being the underdog can be advantageous and our determination to succeed was shown in the semi-final. City are a great team but Watford have a squad with great determination this season – I’m predicting a 1-0 win for Watford, and as the message of our social campaign says… #ImagineIf