June is Pride month - an international, annual celebration of the LGBT+ community. Parades, festivals and sports events are organised to promote inclusivity and honour diversity.

The first Stonewall riot took place in New York in 1969, and triggered an ongoing fight for gay rights. Pride celebrates the progress made over the years and advocates for more to be done for the LGBT+ community globally.

Due to COVID-19, physical Pride celebrations have been cancelled this year. However, we at UCFB will continue to express our support and guidance for all LGBT+ students, staff and wider members of the UCFB community. 

We are looking forward to hosting more events in the future, listening to student experiences and creating meaningful partnerships with sports teams.

Useful links

  • Stonewall have a 9am-5pm helpline, specific COIVD-19 advice as well as further information and resources.
  • Mindout are a LGBTQ mental health service, including peer support groups and counselling.
  • Switchboard is a LGBT+ ‘safe space’ helpline and online chat.
  • TransEDU is a trans specific service, for anyone who doesn’t identify as cisgender.

Educational resources