Senior executives from Nike recently visited UCFB Etihad Campus to speak with students about working for the world’s biggest sportswear brand.

During a consumer research visit to Europe, the group of product development executives from the US spoke to students about how a brand the size of Nike consistently creates and innovates across a range of sports.

Concentrating on football, the Nike executives discussed how their products are designed, developed and engineered to ensure maximum performance for their athletes and millions of customers around the world.

Following the hour long guest lecture, various members of Nike’s travelling staff broke in to numerous focus groups with students to further discuss their products and hear the ideas of UCFB’s students, many of whom play for UCFB’s football teams in Manchester.

The visit from Nike, who supply kit for the likes of the England national football team, is part of a recently launched working partnership with UCFB, which will enable students to gain valuable insight and advice into working for and with an elite sporting institution.

Following the visit, Lee Molyneaux, Nike’s Senior Insights Analyst, said: “I’ve worked with UCFB for a little while now, and I think we’re very similar in our traits and similar in our vision. UCFB are very innovative, as are we, and I think they lead in the way that they approach education. Nike are very much product based but it’s the same morals and standards that they stand for.”

Senior Product Manager Kylie Barton added: “I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve seen at UCFB. The students we met with were bright, articulate and asked really great questions. You can tell that they have a real genuine love for football and to learn, as well as a desire to be successful out in the corporate world.”