When Amazon signed up to film Tottenham Hotspur throughout the last season for the latest instalment of their famed All or Nothing series, never could they imagine the drama that was about to unfold. The sacking of Mauricio Pochettino and subsequent hiring of Jose Mourinho, a season derailing injury to star striker Harry Kane and then the COVID-19 shutdown.

Following its release this week, UCFB’s Neil Hawkins – a long suffering Spurs fan – gives us his take on the what he’s seen so far…

As a lifelong Spurs fan and season ticket holder, I’d be lying if I said I’ve been looking forward to the club’s much anticipated All or Nothing TV series.

From a footballing perspective, the 2019/20 season wasn’t a particularly memorable one. The sacking of our most popular manager in the Premier League era; long terms injuries to the side’s most influential players; cup exits to the likes of Colchester United and Norwich City – not to mention that horrendous night against Bayern Munich; and of course the coronavirus shutdown.

Episode one starts encouragingly, reliving Heung-Min Son’s incredible solo goal against Burnley in December – which was later voted the Premier League’s goal of the season. Given this was probably one of few highlights in the previous campaign, my hope at this point is that the producers haven’t gone too early on moments of joy.

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Mauricio Pochettino never hid his displeasure at being followed 24/7, so perhaps his lack of screen time in the first episode shouldn’t be a surprise. Tottenham’s poor start to the season and the Argentine’s sacking are neatly condensed into the first 15 minutes, including just one 30-second interview with the now former manager whose body language is less than enthusiastic.

From this point on it’s The Jose Show. Despite his marmite appeal among football fans, there is no denying Jose Mourinho’s box office qualities. Whether he’s the right man for Tottenham is for another discussion, but you can be sure Amazon’s producers will have been rubbing their hands with joy when Spurs chairman Daniel Levy appointed one of the biggest names in the game.

Jose’s interactions with Harry Kane from minute one are deeply personal and the pair appear to get on the right side of each other straight away, with Mourinho vocal in his admiration for the England captain’s abilities and work ethic. There’s a scene where the former Real Madrid boss tells Dele Alli he’s a “lazy trainer” and that he will be a “pain in the ass” as his coach. In another moment in the manager’s office, Jose and Eric Dier have a one-to-one conversation in Portuguese where they discuss Dier’s lack of playing time in recent months. There are also, in what appear to me as awkward, moments when Levy and Mourinho are in discussion over topics such as Christian Eriksen’s contract and Son’s Burnley goal, with Levy’s contributions to the conversation bordering dangerously close to Alan Partridge territory.

Of course, with this being Mourinho and there being cameras everywhere, you’re never sure if what you’re watching is completely sincere and how much of a creative license the editors had – as is evident in the now viral clip of the two-time Champions League winner colourfully telling Sky Sports where to go.

After watching the first three episodes I can’t say I’ve seen anything that’s ground breaking or earth shattering. Although initially strange, viewing the club you’ve followed and supported so closely for so many years far more intimately than before, the idea that the door has been smashed open and the club’s biggest secrets revealed couldn’t be further from the truth – it’s more a case of popping your head around the corner and having a quick peak. Ultimately, a billion-pound sports organisation will never allow a film to be released without their final sign off.

Of course, there is more to come and it could become far more interesting and controversial. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the producers dealt with the football shutdown in March and the subsequent season restart in June – a huge twist in what was supposed to be a straight forward nine-month filming project.

Will the series elevate Tottenham’s brand around the world alongside it’s incredible new stadium and NFL deal? Yes. Will it earn them new fans in new territories? Probably. Do I hope that the 2020/21 season is more memorable than the last? Absolutely.