UCFB and Sky Sports have teamed up to offer an exciting hands-on insight to young females pursuing a career in sport media.

The Women in Sport Media event, set to take place on April 26th at UCFB Wembley, will see 100 local school pupils visit the campus to hear from and experience the industry from a number of high-profile female sport media professionals.

The pupils will learn more about the specific roles available in the sport media industry through skills sessions such as reporting, social media and television presenting.

The event comes on the back of a government initiative to create greater gender diversity and equality in sport media. Sky Sports has long been a champion of females in media, with the likes of Natalie Sawyer and recent UCFB visitor Hayley McQueen two of their most popular and respected presenters on shows such as Sky Sports News.

The pupils will gain access to a range of UCFB Wembley’s state-of-the-art facilities, including a TV studio where they can try out their hand at being a presenter with the help of cameras, a crew and an autocue.

Other sessions will include putting together a story from a press release and preparing a social media press campaign.

The ever-changing sport media landscape means there are now more varied jobs than ever in the industry. UCFB, a world first in higher education, offers a number of different degree programmes across sport media which include broadcasting, print and digital skills.

Neil Silver, UCFB’s Head of Complementary Curriculum, Employability and Media, who helped set up the event, said: “Sport media is a rapidly developing field and there is a definite need for more women to become involved and share their knowledge, skills and passion.

“By inviting 100 teenage girls to UCFB Wembley, in conjunction with Sky Sports and our other partners for this event, we hope we can highlight the various exciting roles that exist for women in the world of sport media and give them an insight to what can be a highly rewarding career.”

Women in Sport Media takes place on Wednesday 26th April at UCFB Wembley