As part of the unique Complementary Curriculum™ at UCFB that provides students unrivalled access to personal development opportunities and leading industry guest speakers, students recently had the opportunity to take part in a Disability Sports Coaching course run by organisation Disability Sports Coach. With 20% of the national population suffering from a disability, it is likely that at some point in their sporting careers UCFB’s budding coaches will coach a disabled person; therefore this was the perfect opportunity for UCFB students to be introduced to disability awareness within sport.

The course was delivered in a safe environment where the students were able to freely discuss the importance of inclusion in the way sports are delivered, as well as discussing difficult and often complex issues around terminology and political correctness.

One of the areas of focus during the masterclass was on the Inclusion Spectrum, which breaks down different types of activities and looks to make them relevant to disabled athletes. The students then had to put the Inclusion Spectrum into practice by demonstrating how they would adapt a specific sport for individuals with disabilities.

Sports Coach & Training Officer, Richard Evans commented on the UCFB students:

“The response I got from tutoring the course was excellent. The students were very open to the course content and were especially great at discussing very personal and difficult subjects around disability. I got the impression the students enjoyed learning as much as I enjoyed teaching, as many of them mentioned how the course was beneficial and something they can use in later life. It was an absolute pleasure teaching the students and I hope to work with UCFB again soon.”

BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance student, Leah Jakeman commented on the session:

“I opted to take part in this course because I have always enjoyed coaching people with disabilities as I believe it’s much more rewarding. I already have several accolades in coaching disabled football and found the course very useful. The course leader was extremely passionate and I really enjoyed the group activities where we were able to share our own experiences and knowledge of people with disabilities.”