This month, UCFB was privileged to welcome Ruby Newell-Legner, President of the National Speakers Association and one of the most highly respected experts on public speaking in the world to its Wembley Stadium campus. Fan experience expert Ruby is a consultant and staff trainer in creating a culture that turns every customer into a fan.

Students flocked to the Pitch View West Auditorium in the iconic Wembley Stadium to learn about the different aspects of Ruby’s highly successful career.

Working closely with sports, leisure and entertainment venue leaders, Ruby creates personalised training programs that support every element of service delivery to maximise fan engagement. Within her line of work, Ruby works with individuals across the entire organisation all the way from the operations and event staff to the senior management team.

Ruby has successfully designed and executed customised training programs for an impressive 28 professional sports teams; 26 Leisure Facilities in the Middle East; 350 municipalities and more than 60 sports and entertainment venues worldwide.

Sports Business & Sports Law student Phillip Boothby commented on the guest speaker session with Ruby: 

“I personally learned so much, even just by watching her, she really engaged with us passionately. I am currently using Ruby’s techniques when speaking in public and my confidence has really developed. Her lecture was fantastic and she really left a lasting impression on me. She made me feel very comfortable with her humour.”

UCFB Lecturer in Sports Management and a close colleague of Ruby, Deepak Trivedi commented on the session:

“It was a pleasure to have Ruby in the building! Her smile and positively infectious personality lit up the room and the students when she visited us on Monday. Ruby was able to touch the hearts of our students with her presentation and the feedback from the students really showed that. Her experience as the President of the National Speakers Association in the United States and as a fan experience expert helped the students to understand both elements as they relate to the sport industry.

“UCFB is really a pioneer at bringing the student experience to life and giving students first class opportunities to network and learn from the people who are the best in their industries.  Ruby was very impressed with UCFB and described her experience with the students as an honour to teach such engaged and motivated students. We look forward to welcoming Ruby back soon to UCFB.”