Two things UCFB is known for bringing together is football and degrees, both undergraduate and postgraduate. So we’re taking a look at ten footballers who along the way have achieved academic degrees.

Some footballers have stayed in the field of sport, with many branching out into other industries with their academic studies.

1. Edwin van der Sar

Manchester United legend Edwin Van Der Sar is putting his Sports and Brand Management degree to good use back in his native Netherlands, working as CEO of giants Ajax.

2. Andres Iniesta

Known as one of the smartest players on the pitch, Iniesta is also an intelligent man off it. He also stayed within sports, getting himself a degree in Sports Science as well as Biology.

3. Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany, manager of Burnley, graduated from the Manchester Business School in 2017, his dissertation focusing on home advantage for Premier League clubs.

4. Frank Lampard

Lampard, reportedly with an IQ above 150, earned an A+ in Latin at school, before taking the subject at university and getting himself an undergraduate degree

5. Juan Mata

Another Chelsea man, Juan Mata, earned two degrees during his playing career, in Marketing and Sports Science.

6. Giorgio Chiellini

Chiellini graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Economics and Commerce, before going for his Master’s soon after.

7. Socrates

The Brazilian legend got his degree in Medicine, before achieving a PhD in the subject after his retirement from professional football.

8. Simon Mignolet

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is another holding a degree, his being in Political Science and Law.

9. Duncan Watmore

Duncan Watmore got a First Class Honours Degree in Economics and Business Management from Newcastle University Business School aged 21.

Watmore said, when going for his Master’s, “Football is a very short-term career and I always have my eye on what I want to do next, and I thought having a university degree and studying could help.”

10. Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku, like Simon Mignolet, is fluent in many languages including German, Dutch, English and French. Lukaku holds a related degree, in Tourism and Public Relations.

In addition, Sean Dyche was recently awarded an Honorary Fellowship at UCFB, supporting us for 11 years with guest speaker sessions and being an active member on the GIS Advisory Board.

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