UCAS has announced that it is reforming the admission service for future
undergraduate students to UK universities.

A recent report by the organisation outlines ‘key areas of immediate focus,’ which

  • Introducing greater personalisation for students making post-secondary
  • Giving more structure to free text sections of the UCAS application
  • Enhancing visibility of the range of grade profiles
  • Delivering new initiatives to support further widening access and participation

Looking at the structure to free text sections, specifically the personal statement,
more than 1,200 students and 170 teachers from 100 universities were consulted on
their opinions.

In the survey, 89 per cent of respondents said they felt that the purpose of the
personal statement is clear, while 72 per cent felt positive about it.

Similarly, teachers and advisers said they value the role that the process of writing a
personal statement plays in helping their students affirm their choices.

However, 83 per cent of students reported that the process of writing a personal
statement is stressful, with 79 per cent saying the statement is difficult to complete
without support.

Based on the feedback, the new format will consist of six questions covering key

  1. Motivation for the course
  2. Preparedness for the course
  3. Preparation through other experiences
  4. Extenuating circumstances
  5. Preparedness for study
  6. Preferred learning style

Kim Eccleston, head of strategy and reform strategy, policy and public affairs at
UCAS, said: “We believe this will create a more supportive framework which in turn
will help guide students through their responses by removing the guesswork, as well
as capturing the information universities and colleges have told us they really need
to know from applicants when it comes to offer-making.

Reform and constant improvement are in UCAS’s DNA and through collaboration,
we can work together to ensure students feel fully informed and supported through
each step of their admissions journey.

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We will keep all applicants updated on any changes UCAS makes in the coming months.