Several UCFB alumni spoke about the importance of networking after an event was held at our Wembley Campus.

The alumni who were present have attended the event both pre- and post-graduation, with all of them voicing how vital networking can be.

Since graduating, the alumni at the event have gone on to enjoy promising careers in the sports industry, and offered vital pieces of advice to younger ambitious students.

Karl White is now premium sales executive at Arsenal FC, and spoke about how importance networking can be to up and coming sports professionals.

“Be proactive,” he said. “I want to say it to everyone – just do it as much as you can.

“I came out of uni with experience and different avenues, and it definitely helped when I graduated to decide where I wanted to go.”

Sam Draper, who is now working as production junior at Sky Sports, said about the event: “It’s always good to come back and share the experiences you have had since you were last here.

“For example, when I was here, it was very young the Wembley Campus, and now you have Arch View House. I think it’s really advanced to what we had.”

Fellow alumni Ben Leanse became premium services executive at Brentford FC, and spoke about how much he enjoyed networking at UCFB as a student and as a graduate.

“Hopefully they’ve all picked up some pearls of wisdom, and I’ve really enjoyed it,” he said.

“I remember what it was like, sitting on the other side of the room, it was only a few years ago.

“It’s kind of a nice circle moment, but I remember what it was like to be graduating and to face the big wide world.

“It’s been really nice to share my advice, share my experiences and hopefully help them for the future. And it’s a nice sense of accomplishment for me in being asked back.”

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